Wicked Wrapped


Hello there everyone! Bino here with an update on Wicked Man. We’re done! We completed it last night and I’m happy with the way it turned out. It took a lot of work to get it to where it is now and I learned a lot working on it. First off, I learned that it takes a village to raise a child. In other words, without my crew being as involved as they were Wicked Man probably would not have existed. Another thing I learned is that it’s ok to ask for help. I wanted to be the commanding, all knowing, everything goes my way kind of director at first. This did not work out and led to some troubles in the crew, but they resolved themselves and everything worked out for the better. Our crew had it’s share of problems, but as a whole we worked well together and respected each others ideas and pretty much used all of the ideas we tossed around. Here’s a brief synopsis of The Horned Melon Crew:

Phil – Actor/Asst. Director – He gave some of the more creative ideas for the movie. He also did a great job as being Sean in our movie. He really brought stuff to the crew that would have led the movie to suffer if he had not been in our crew.

Jess – Art Director/Assistant/Mom – She did everything for us basically. I commend her sticking around with us through thick and thin. That took a lot of resolve on her part. Without her we would have fallen apart.

Mike – Editor – He made this move come alive. He also made us laugh uncontrollably every now and then (all the time). Real pleasure to have him with us.

Pete – Camera/Asst. Director – Along with Phil some of the more creative ideas came from him. Real glad to have him with us, the movie would not have been the same without him.

Pat – Actor/Music – Pat definitely worked outside of his job description. He did a little of everything and he was great to work with.

Jenny – Actor – She did well in her role.

Slenderman – ? – Yeah.

This movie was the brainchild of Pat, Pete, Mr. St. Martin, and myself. We are all pleased with how it turned out and we are excited to see how people react to it during the film fest!



Hey, Horned Melon crew here! We are nearing the end of filming for Wicked Man. Earabino and Mike are doing a great job editing and putting together a rough cut, Maloney has been synching the soundtrack, I’m doing whatever it is that needs to be done here at HQ and on set, and I don’t know where J-Mac is. Phil and I have been getting some great shots with Slenderman, I’ve been very impressed with the footage we’ve been getting and I’m expecting big things in film from Phil next year. We got diamonds.

~Wolf Dangus~



Hey guys, Bino here. I haven’t blogged in a while but here I am again. Over February break I went away on vacation and left the directorial duties in the hands of the rest of the crew. I was not at all nervous in anyway because I had the utmost confidence that they would pull off the scenes well. When I returned from vacation I recieved an extremely pleasant surprise. The scenes that they shot came out (for the most part) wonderfully and I wouldn’t change a thing. I was extremely fired up about what I saw and anyone that reads this should know that they’re in for a surprise when they see this movie. Now I’m gonna turn it over to Pat.

I CAN’T STOP! Pat Maloney here with some symbols,90*&^%#$@!{}[]:’;:’”<>,./? and you’re ever loving blog to SHATTER YOUR LIIIFE! So Horned Melon has a huge chunk of the movie done and ready for Rough Cut. Alls we need to do now is shoot the wicked fun scenes, AS IF THIS MOVIE ISN’T WICKED FUN ANYWAYS. I’m very hasppy to hear the older alum buzzing about this movie. Alan tries to scare us by asking if we can beat the “mighty” curtain call, but there is nothing to fear. No offense to Ara (Howdy neighbor! How’s college?) but there is nothing to be afraid of, except Slenderman of course. The music for this movie is uh-mazing. Come to the next P.A.P.s show March 24th at the Knights of Columbus for some nice chill music. 5 bucks at the door, 5:30 p.m. start. Bino is the man, Hebs, Pete, Jess and Phil rock. I love this crew and I’m suprised we have not made it to the fruit nest. We are going to rock everyone in trivs at McGuill’s house, I just need enough fondue in me to school ‘em. YO WE OUUUT!



This is a script that would not die. Anthony Earabino was excited about doing a horror movie for his senior year, and I knew that Mr. St. Martin had some idea for a horror flick kicking around; so I put the two together last spring to discuss ideas. Anthony wrote the first draft, which was okay, but needed lots of work. So both St. Martin and I gave Anthony loads of notes for the second draft. So many notes, that I honestly thought Anthony might scrap the project—but no. About two weeks later Anthony emails me the next draft (mind you this is in late July). It’s a bit better, but still needs work. Flash forward four months to November, Anthony is finishing up his sixth draft, and this thing is the talk of the festival. Suddenly, everyone who reads it wants in on the project. Besides the script, this movie has a very dedicated crew. In fact, it’s more like a passion project for Earabino and co-director Pete Dugdale. Not to mention the ever-serious Pat Maloney as the lead actor. The crew is rounded out by junior director/actor Phil Reidy, editor Mike Hebner, and art director Jess MacNamara.  It’s very hard to get a read on just how well they’re doing with the film thus far because most of their scary stuff will be done in post-production. I love their overall vision of the film; Dugdale, especially, has some great ideas in regards to how scenes should be composed. I just hope they can pull it off. They have been keeping most of their footage and shots under tight raps in order to surprise the audience—but the buzz remains high among those who know about the project. A big obstacle that they will need to overcome is a movie done two years ago: Curtain Call. Ara and Kayla’s movie—a haunting tale of a ghost that kills some students locked in the school—succeeded in not only scaring its audience but wowing them with the overall execution of the film. So much so, it was nominated in nearly every category. Wicked Man will have to at least be as good as its trailblazing predecessor to turn some heads. A tough task that these guys are eager to take on.

Buzz: Venti Caffè Misto


Lead and dominated by Patrick Maloney. This kid not only knows is music, but he is in your face about it. He’s super quick and loud. He is helped out by Mike Hebner, who certainly knows his share of music and was the best player last year in my junior English class. Earabino and Dugdale help when the music turns to any type of metal, while Phil and Jess are along for the ride. They’ll probably be fighting it out with Cranberry and Dragon Fruit all year for the top spot.

The Horned Blog

Hey Internet! Its The Horned Melon Crew again with an another blog update on Wicked Man. Everything has been going fairly well for us so far and we only have about 6 scenes left to shoot. The remaining scenes will be filmed over February vacation with none other then Slenderman himself. We also have compiled some incredibly haunting musical arrangements with the help of Pat Maloney and some other members of the crew, including myself. In addition to music, the visceral horror that is this film’s art direction has begotten some great contributions to the movie. Hope is working on the movie poster and I’ve been making some pictures to be used as props (as seen below). Finally, with the addition of the legendary “Boran” the film has reached a new level of creativity and horror.

Reidy’s First Blog


Hey ‘Yall. Phil Reidy here, first blog I’ve actually posted so far, been rather busy as of late. Horned Melon is doing really awesome. As you know from one of our previous blogs, we found an actual Horned Melon (Kiwano). Also, Hannafords has 3 locations near Walpole and has better prices than its competitors on just about everything. Come on down to Hannafords. Seriously. Corporate sponsorship? Maybe. But anyway, we have gotten a lot done this week and last week, and we are making serious progress. We have a large portion of our movie completed already. Operation Tsunami is still a go, and by the Nine this film shall be great. Bino is keeping us on task and getting this film going, Pat is makin’ lean beats, and Jess, Mike, Pete, and I are choppin’ this film up and giving tips to one another to make some cinematic magic while we all practice our acting skills. I haven’t doubted this crew for one second. Well, I’m off, we got some filming to do.

Found: One Kiwano Horned Melon!


Hey everyone! So we bring only good news on this fine morning. As you can see, we have the lovely logo of our new favorite store as our picture today. After many phone calls to every supermarket on the east coast, we have finally found the infamous horned melon! With some help from Derek Caneja we talked to our good friends at Hannaford’s and they do indeed sell horned melons in produce. In other news, we are very happy to have avoided this all out fruit war between Plum, Cherry, and Poma. We declare neutrality and are very much amused watching this war unfold in front of us. We do however miss that delightful little fruit fairy Princess Penelope… but we do not deny knowing her whereabouts. Oh and we have gotten a lot of filming done this week, thanks to midyears, and today plan to film more with Mr. St. Martin. Soon we will be filming our ending scenes with Slenderman, after we run some errands later today. Well that’s all for now! Word to the wise, if you call supermarkets asking for a kiwano horned melon there is a 97.4% chance they will think you’re crazy, or playing a prank.